What we want:

  • reinforce the believes of young generation, that intellectuals are higly  appreciated in our society and their value is constantly growing
  • grant organisational and informattonal assistance to tintellectually gifted youth
  • provide additional chances and motivation for young intellectuals to apply their knowledge at home country
  • establish internet platform, that will serve the needs of socially active young intellectuals
  • involve many project partners from different areas and organisation structures companies, public organisations, NGOs in order to give a clear message that an idea of assisting young, socially active and talanted youth is supported by Ukrainian society as a whole
  • establish the system of regular information-exchange and sharing among project partners
  • provide internships for talanted youth in different organisations
  • provide seminars, conferences, trainings and leadership schools in order to improve professional skills and enchance information sharing

What we offer:  
Everyone who shares our aim and our wievs is welcomed to cooperate. No exceptions, no restrictions. 
Intellect forever!